Q.  Who participates in MAP-Works?

A.  For 2012-2013 all first-time first-year students as well as Sophomores will participate in MAP-Works.  A number of staff will participate in MAP-works as Direct Connects for individual students and as referral offices for students.  Direct Connects are educators who are in a position to both support and challenge students.  In addition, select faculty instructors will be able to provide academic updates related to individual students.

Q. When will students take the survey?

A. The survey will be available for two weeks beginning September 24th.

Q. What types of questions are asked on the survey?

A. The survey asks a number of questions regarding students’ adjustment to and satisfaction with Mason.  These include queries about students’ academic transition to Mason, students’ campus engagement, the social connections students are making/have made as well as their living situation if they live on-campus.  For a copy of sample questions from the MAP-Works survey, please click here.  Please note that Mason selects a subset of questions from the survey and does not ask questions for which the university already has data.

Q. Who has access to students’ responses?

 A.  Individual students have access to their individual responses.  In addition, select staff have access to individual and aggregate student responses for the students with whom they are directly connected.  For example, Resident Directors would have access to student response data for all students living in their assigned buildings.  Likewise, Academic Advisors would have access to student response data for all students in their major or assigned to their caseload.

Q. Can I, as a family member, get access to my student’s survey?

A.  Students’ survey responses are protected under FERPA and therefore the university will not provide family members with access to individual survey responses and reports.  If you are interested in learning more about your student’s survey response or individual report, please contact your student.

Q. Is there follow-up with students who do not complete the survey?

A. Survey completion is highly encouraged but is not mandatory.  We will reach out to students who have not completed the survey throughout the survey period to encourage response.

Q. Who is responsible for interventions with students?

A.  Primary interventions are the responsibility of the Direct Connects attached to individual and groups of students.